Burmese community showcases home arts, crafts and traditions

December 6, 2017 by  

A cultural celebration of the traditional crafts, arts and rich diversity of Burma was experienced at Ringwood Town Square recently.

People from Croydon and throughout the City of Maroondah took part in the special Bamboo Village event which brought together unique cultural experiences and performances incorporating ancient crafts, visual arts, dance and music from the Burmese communities of Zomi, Mizo, Karen, Hakha Chin and Falam Chin.

The day was made possible with the collaboration of Maroondah City Council, Migrant Information Centre (Eastern Melbourne) and Eastland.

According to Wesley Bawia, a Burmese Community leader, the event was more than just a celebration but, moreover, a chance to illustrate the ease in which the people of the Asian country are able to peacefully co-exist with other nationalities. He said:

“We are harmonious and peaceful people. We want to show others that while Maroondah is now home and that we are part of Australian culture, we still have a unique cultural identity as well.”

Mayor of Maroondah Nora Lamont said the colourful event, advertised on posters and flyer printing, reflected the great diversity of people living in the area where in excess of 118 languages are now spoken, and that cultural diversity was the backbone of Maroondah.

Bamboo Village was, she said, a fun and vibrant way to showcase Burma with displays and performances.