Wellness centre a step closer to reality

January 13, 2018 by  

The Australian Cancer Research Foundation has provided a $2m grant towards the cost of a cancer wellness centre in Liverpool.

This latest funding boost brings the facility a step closer to reality, being only $1.1m short of its ultimate $6.7m target to establish an Oncology Alliance for the Science of Integrated Survivorship (OASIS) centre.

Professor Geoff Delaney, Director of Cancer Services at Liverpool Hospital, where the centre is to be located, said the latest grant was a big step forward in making the project a reality.

He said much effort had been put into reaching this point since the idea’s inception in about 2011-2012.

Once completed, the centre’s main aim will be to assist in improving quality of life and treatment outcomes for cancer patients by offering exercise, diet, Chinese medicines, acupuncture, and massage services.

In addition, the centre will be among only a handful in Sydney that also collect data for research relating to the effectiveness of various cancer treatments.

Researching treatments in this way will ultimately benefit all cancer patients across Australia, according to University of NSW’s acting dean of medicine Professor Anthony Keller, who also noted that it would aid the scientific development of cancer research.

It is expected relevant data collected could then be shared through the use of printing services and the internet.