Council to receive Timbarra gum tree petition

March 2, 2018 by  

A petition about gum trees in the Narre Warren area may make the council take action.

Some residents of the Timbarra estate are concerned about the potential impact of large gum trees. The estate was created during the 1990s and the trees have matured since their planting.

Over 6,000 gum trees were planted on the estate in the Narre Warren district to promote the environment. However, the discontent of residents became evident by 2011. A further petition circulated in 2014, but these movements have yet to prompt the council to act on the issue.

One problem with the trees is that they can shed their branches in an effort to preserve water during the course of a drought. A safety-related petition online is now gathering signatures, although planner David Richardson tells the Herald Sun this has not yet been received by the council.

Richardson confirmed that action would be taken against certain trees. He explained that if a tree on a street was deemed to pose a threat to public health, then the authority would make an appropriate decision.

Feelings about some of the trees have run high. A resident on the estate has complained that the situation has impacted adversely on her swimming pool usage. Caroline Tsaganas mentioned that a significant amount of bark and leaves has been shed into her pool.

Printing services can be used by councils which wish to communicate effectively with local people over such matters.