City deal for Western Sydney on track

March 8, 2018 by  

Western Sydney’s City Deal is going to focus on improving the regional infrastructure.

The federal government and the government of New South Wales (NSW) have been cooperating on the plan. Paul Fletcher, the minister for cities, has been collaborating with Stuart Ayres, the minister responsible for Western Sydney. Printing services may be used to promote transport projects.

An airport connection by rail should be the main element of the early work and Badgerys Creek may attract more passengers. However, it is envisaged that the northwest of Sydney will benefit from the scheme in the long run. The idea is that there will be a connection to Western Sydney Airport. Places like Castle Hill should win out from the boost to local economic development.

The reality is that the plans will only work out if the cooperation between the different tiers of government continues. So far, numerous councils have agreed to work with the government of NSW and the federal government. Nonetheless, the relevant mayors have further tasks to perform. The hope is that investment will be attracted and jobs will be created.

The city deal involving Western Sydney is an example of policy learning. The authorities feel that something can be picked up from the city deals that have transformed government within the UK. Places such as Aberdeen and Manchester have been pioneers in this area as the central government has begun to think in terms of city regions.