Council offers rewards incentives for sustainable living

March 10, 2018 by  

Canning Vale residents are among thousands who are eligible to enjoy discounts on various sustainable purchases as part of an innovative rewards programme.

The initiative is part of the Rewards for Residents programme, which the City of Canning is supporting as part of Switch Your Thinking, a unique partnership between local business, residents and government.

The scheme gives local residents an opportunity to receive discounts on a wide range of sustainable products such as soil improvement, insulation paint, pool covers, printing services, battery storage and solar energy.

Providing discounts in this way encourages a move towards sustainable living which is an important initiative, according to Mayor of Canning Paul Ng.

He added that positive outcomes are achieved to both businesses and households through being actively involved in sustainable living practices:

“Switch your Thinking helps people make small but meaningful changes by providing free advice and cost incentives. The programme is a great example of government, business and residents working together.”

Rewards for Business is also part of the initiative and provides commercial customers with discounts such as green printing, insulation paint, battery storage and solar energy.

The program `Switch Your Thinking’ was introduced by local government to inspire sustainable action by members of the community, businesses and schools.

Other areas where discounts may apply include electric bike accessories, water and energy audits, rainwater tanks, worm farms and compost bins.