Wolf mural made by Dandenong street artist

March 11, 2018 by  

Heesco Khosnaran has produced a mural with a Mongolian flavour in Dandenong.

The artwork is located on a façade of Dandenong Market on King Street. Khosnaran was inspired by Mongolia in part because he comes from the East Asian country. His art depicts several wolves, and the artist has explained the important roles the animals have in Mongolian mythology.

Khosnaran told the Herald Sun:

“There is an interesting relationship between people and wolves, one hand it’s like a spirit animal. Because it was a nomadic culture people had to learn to live with wolves, they maintained a natural balance. At the same time, people always had to fight off wolves.”

The artist has explained that the historical development of the Mongol Empire was influenced by specific military techniques. The skills used by warriors were based on methods that had been deployed to fight wolves. Khosnaran pointed out that there are cultural links between the Afghan community within Dandenong and Mongolians because of a belief in shared ancestors.

Khosnaran has also mentioned that reactions to his dramatic murals have been positive, and his ‘Year of the Wolf’ appears to have captured the imagination of the public. Business cards can often be useful for individuals in the creative industries who want to build upon public interest.

The mural is displayed in the vicinity of a work by an artist called ‘Bonsai’, whose ‘Rising Phoenix’ will be joined by numerous other artworks during the months to come.