‘Super city’ planned for East Werribee

March 13, 2018 by  

An exciting new Silicon Valley-style project in East Werribee is currently under the planning stage.

The $30bn ‘super city’ project is driven by the Australian Education City (AEC) consortium and will create around 100,000 jobs in West Melbourne if it proceeds.

As part of the plans for the project, the AEC group will purchase and transform a total of 400 hectares of state-owned land into a major high-rise, hi-tech precinct, which brings academic institutions and industry together. The area will be able to house approximately 70,000 residents. Major sports facilities and art galleries are also included in the initial planning stage.

Further decisions on the plans will be announced following the confirmation of the May Budget. Cabinet will also come up with a decision on the way forward within one to two months.

The AEC group was the only bidder for the development site back in 2016 and has reached agreements on the terms of sale in 2017. The group has been working with engineering giant Jacobs for preliminary design of the city. According to Kate Roffey, Director of City Economy, Innovation and Liveability for Wyndham City, major corporations IBM and Cisco have also expressed keenness in being involved in the giant project.

People who are interested in buying property within or near to this new futuristic part of Melbourne can register their interest with real estate agents in the area, and to attract those considering a move, brochure printing is often used to advertise new properties.