Melbourne hotel showcases rooftop camping

March 13, 2018 by  

St Jerome’s, a hotel in central Melbourne, is enabling rooftop camping.

The scheme is a little out of the ordinary, but the hotel hopes people from the Instagram generation will enjoy mixing with other adventurous individuals. St Jerome’s is accessible from the retail centre at the heart of Melbourne, and Cifton Hill railway station is not far away.

For unconventional hotels like St Jerome’s, promotional products may help to advertise fresh concepts to target audiences.

There are different lodges available to guests, but the demand for spaces can be strong. Many are keen to give the canvas bell tents a go, even when the weather conditions are not perfect. Melbourne has a reputation for being a windy location, but St Jerome’s has performed well with bookings despite this.

The opportunity to use St Jerome’s will not be around on a permanent basis, as the experiment is due to come to an end towards the close of April this year.

Meanwhile, guests at the unorthodox hotel can tuck into wine and snacks, with a range of beers and ciders available too, and there are plenty of other dining experiences to be had in the vicinity. For those wanting to get some precious sleep, ear plugs and eye masks can be used. Films may be viewed on the site by using a tablet.