New era for girls’ Rugby League in Penrith

April 14, 2018 by  

Following the introduction of the all-female competitions by the NSWRL and Penrith District Junior Rugby League, Penrith girls are set to break new ground.

Starting in April 2018, all-girl competitions will be held to provide a chance for females of all ages to play in all NSWRL districts.

As part of the NSWRL’s female pathway, around 150 players and 14 teams will participate in Round 1 of the competitions, which welcome girl players under the age 6 and 18.

According to Zoe Hamilton, Coordinator of Club and Competitions at the NSWRL, the competitions are unique to Penrith and serve as an important means of providing a complete pathway and new opportunities for girls to join the game at a young age. Hamilton further explained that prior to the new arrangements, girls must play in the same team as the boys until they reach 14 years old, when they can transition to all-female teams. She also hopes that the new initiative will encourage girls to join the sports after realising the chance to play rugby regardless of age level in an all-female environment. However, if they prefer, Penrith girls can still play in teams of mixed sex.

Parents who are interested in getting their daughters involved in rugby league at an early age can seek more information from their local club. Occasional poster printing and display are carried out at key locations such as schools and sports centres to encourage kids to join the rugby league, while also providing the contact details for people in charge.