New train link may go through Footscray

April 25, 2018 by  

The actual route of the Melbourne Airport train link has yet to be finalized, but it is possible that the new transport infrastructure will facilitate passenger journeys from Footscray.

This inner suburb might witness fresh construction in the vicinity. Printing services can benefit from new transport solutions.

The controversy about the route has continued despite the announcement of funding for the project. Malcolm Turnbull, the Prime Minister, has committed over $5bn to making the initiative into a reality, while development and planning have already involved the spending of up to $30m. There is official optimism about the chances of reaching agreement between different levels of government. Turnbull stated:

"I'm sure we'll reach agreement. I mean … this sort of defeatism and negativity is what has stopped projects like this getting ahead."

It is somewhat unclear when the construction of the rail link will start. There was initially some hope that the building would begin during the course of 2020, bu tit is now thought likely that the actual stating date for the effort will be two years later than this.

There is still a lot to do, with a full business case to be prepared. In addition, it will be necessary to secure the relevant planning permission. Design work and competitive tendering could also take up some time.