Analysis by CityPulse could help Midland

May 5, 2018 by  

Suburbs like Midland may get a boost from research conducted by CityPulse.

CityPulse found that the core of Perth is a great location for employment. However, it also discovered that improvements in the transport network might boost suburban business growth. Demand for stationery printers is connected with local economic trends.

CityPulse ranked the performance of suburbs like Midland. It used statistics such as job accessibility, employment ratings and business activity. Michelle Tremain is a partner at PwC Perth, and said that there should be plenty of opportunities all around the city. She told the West Australian:

“For example, fitness and sports facilities are more easily accessible in the northern suburbs, while boat facilities are highly concentrated in the south metropolitan area. Beaches are most accessible from the central and western suburbs, but the residents of the Perth Hills can step out into national parks.”

The central area of Perth is not just a focus of job creation, it is now an urban playground where visitors assemble to embrace various experiences. People like to dine, be entertained, absorb culture, and watch sport in the vibrant city centre.

The challenge for urban planners is to widen access to the best offerings in the city. This can be achieved by paying more attention to the overall quality of suburbs such as Midland.