Transport charge could affect Footscray

May 23, 2018 by  

Residents and businesses within Footscray may soon have to pay a subscription fee for transport.

The basic idea is that park and ride users around the core of Melbourne should contribute a small amount to transportation costs. Melbourne City Council (MCC) aims to promote public transport and is looking for funds to deliver solutions. Residents in places like Footscray could employ an app to get where they want to go, and print shops can be used to showcase transport schemes.

Nicolas Francis Gilley is chair of a transport section at MCC, and explained the key concept behind the initiative to The Age:

“It is saying, what is the choice I will make today, given the traffic, the weather, the cheapest option. It provides a streamlined path for you to get to work and taking stuff you see on the Uber app or Tramtracker all in one place.”

Gilley thinks that the app-based system could help in the fight against congestion. While he believes the approach could work on the scale of Australia, he would appreciate it if Melbourne was to forge ahead. He is quite confident that the service in question will be rolled out in the near future.

Transport expert Professor Graham Currie is based in Monash University, and has expressed doubt about whether an app would be beneficial in the outer suburbs of cities.