Maroochydore volunteers invited to help the police

May 30, 2018 by  

The police of the Sunshine Coast may receive assistance from the people of Maroochydore.

Volunteers in Policing (ViPs) have to perform a variety of tasks. The role of volunteers enables the police to focus on what they do best. Poster printing can be used to promote recruitment.

At present, the local demand for volunteers is highest in the area of Caloundra. Nonetheless, the citizens of Maroochydore can do their bit for the security of the Sunshine Coast.

ViPs must be a minimum age of 18, and should be committed to the completion of appropriate training. A ViP has to get through a security check before they are allowed to serve. It is also the case that ViPs must be prepared to put in a negotiated number of hours on a regular basis. For the initiative to be successful, they must consent to participate within the team for the period of a year.

ViPs have to engage with the local community. To this end, they may work with some of the SMEs of the Sunshine Coast. Liaising with groups of residents could also be effective.

It is important for ViPs to have the confidence to deliver presentations. They should be prepared to work at the implementation of crime prevention policies. Knowledge of crime trends will be valuable too, with data available to help ViPs to deliver on security assessments.

Those interested may apply to join the programme online.