Mitcham continues to attract home buyers

June 3, 2018 by  

While some of Melbourne’s suburbs lose their pulling power, Mitcham can still attract home buyers.

The property market of Melbourne is cooling, but after years of growth, this trend is not necessarily such a bad thing. Nevertheless, prospective purchasers of property should think about precisely where they should invest, because some suburbs contain better investments than others. Property market experts do not consider Mitcham to be an area to avoid.

Affordability is still a major issue in Melbourne, meaning many buyers will not have the diversity of choice that they would want. However, the lifestyle of the city is such that demand for accommodation within its boundaries is likely to remain reasonably solid.

There are a few suburbs that do not inspire quite the same level of confidence as Mitcham. This is primarily because the local transport infrastructure needs additional investment. Nelson Alexander Kew’s Cameron Ingram explained:

“In this market, buyers have to look back at the basics. Location, location, location. Look for amenity, schools and trains.”

The distance to the central business district of Melbourne is something else for potential buyers of property to consider. A suburb which is on the periphery might not offer somebody the kind of life that they want. Many individuals want to reside within a reasonable distance of their work.
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