Heathmont childcare costs on the high side

July 2, 2018 by  

Recent research highlights that childcare within Heathmont is costlier than in some neighbouring areas.

The average cost of childcare in Heathmont is currently about $112 per day. This compares favourably with the average cost being charged in the suburb of Hampton, but people who reside in Keilor Downs may have to pay less than $85 per day for the same type of service. Letterheads from Heathmont can be useful for service providers.

The cost of childcare can be inflated by poor planning. Local rents and oversupply issues may impact on what consumers are obliged to pay.

Samantha Page is the chief executive of Early Childhood Australia (ECA). She explained that the location of childcare centres is not always influenced by community need, and random provision can be the outcome. She said:

“There’s nothing that would tell an investor ‘we’ve got a crisis in the west, we don’t have enough services, but we’ve got too many in the east, don’t build any more over there.”

The median house price within Heathmont is over $920,000. Childcare is the same price in the suburb of Greensborough as it is in Heathmont, although the median house price in Greensborough is about $100,000 less than it is for Heathmont.

The cost of childcare is not the only factor for parents to bear in mind. The content of the activities provided is of significance, as well as education in early childhood.