Environmental concerns raised about Croydon development

August 13, 2018 by  

A recent City of Maroondah council meeting has heard opposition on environmental grounds to a proposed housing development in Croydon.

Developers wish to subdivide and sell off the two-hectare lot on Vasey Concourse, but it would mean clearing more than 750 trees, which are home to wildlife including and endangered species of bat. Support for environmental causes at a local level is often increased with the assistance of flyer printing services.

The current owners of the property are two neighbours who have teamed up to push the development forward. They cited an arborist’s report stating that 757 of the almost 900 trees on the land have little or no retention value.

However, Liz Sanzaro, Croydon Conservation Society President disagreed, saying:

‘In terms of what the habitat value is, it’s definitely one of the biggest and best areas that remains.’

She added that the plan, which includes the building of an access road and other associated infrastructure, would forever change the local environment.

A resident of nearby Montana Parade said the site attracts many kinds of wildlife including bats, owls, butterflies and wallabies. She explained she would not have bought her home there if she had known the area would be cleared.

The council agreed the development would change the look of the area and said all objections to it would be considered.