Midland station relocation part of Metronet Stage 1

September 6, 2018 by  

Plans to relocate the Midland Station, together with associated public transport infrastructure, are underway as part of Metronet Stage 1 works.

Metronet is Perth’s ambitious, long-term plan to provide a connected city to the

suburb with a network of roads and public transport. Metronet is a transformational infrastructure project for Perth and surrounding suburbs that will support the continuing population growth. The project is also seen as a trigger to jump start investment and economic growth whilst regenerating the community.

According to the Metronet website, Stage One includes the relocation of the Midland Station and extending the Midland Line to Bellevue. The relocation will entail the transfer of the station from its current site to Cale Street, approximately 500m east. The new station is planned to accommodate up to six railcar length trains with three platforms available for the trains. The bus interchange will also be upgraded with 12 stands with a bus layover area. Vehicle plus bike parking will also be available and access paths connecting to the hospital precinct, Midland town centre, and Curtin University Medical School improves community traffic from the transport hub.

The improved access and closer proximity to strategic community hubs like the town centre and school increases the need to provide strategic advertisement placed in and around the new train station. Increased commercial activities require poster printing and flyer printing services to support businesses increase community awareness near the train station.