Big plans to enhance Dandenong Market experience

September 25, 2018 by  

An exciting future lies ahead for the Dandenong Market following the unveiling of a five-year strategic plan that aims to boost visitor numbers and introduce many new attractions.

General Manager of the Dandenong Market, Jennifer Hibbs explained that at the centre of the plan was the aim to retain its enticing cultural diversity and “family, community vibe”, adding:

“It’s that delicate balance of getting more people through the door and not changing the character of the market.”

Already attracting in excess of 5.4 million visitors a year, the market, according to Hibbs, is quite unique and enjoying a level of success that makes it ideal for expansion. She said:

“Over the next five years, we want to position Dandenong Market as an authentic food and retail hub in the South-East.”

Printing services have been busy over the past few years promoting a range of events at the market including Halloween and Full Moon festivals and the plan is to add more occasions such as these and perhaps even a night market.

Also among plans is an opportunity to get to know more about individual traders within the market. Hibbs said there are so many diverse stories to share about the more than 200 traders as well as the 152-year history of the market.

In addition to looking into the staging of an evening market, possible future upgrades may also include the introduction of entertainers, play areas, additional seating and parents rooms.