Midland area rail car construction industry to expand

October 4, 2018 by  

A site close to the Midland Workshops has been selected by the Government of Western Australia as the ideal location for Metronet’s new $1.6 billion rail car manufacturing facility.

Final approval from the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority for the facility at Bellevue is expected to happen soon.

The state government explained that it chose the site due to its special historic significance for the railway sector. The Midland Workshops was a key part of the country’s rail construction industry for almost a century. Its legacy will be furthered as another 246 Metronet trains are set to be built nearby over the next decade.

WA Premier, Mark McGowan commented that the project will lead to extra employment. He announced:

“Metronet is not only a world-class public transport system, but will create new opportunities for local workers. The key target of 50% will help revitalise WA’s manufacturing industry and put WA jobs first.”

Bidding on which company will end up building the rail stock is yet to be finalised but is down to a short list of Momentum West, Alstom Transport Australia and EDI Rail – Bombardier Transportation.

A key consideration ahead of the 2019 decision will be their commitment to manufacturing at least 50% of the new trains in Western Australia. Tendering processes often see the use of promotional pens and corporate gifts.