Citizen scientists sought for study on extreme heat

November 28, 2018 by  

Residents of the City of Yarra, from Clifton Hill to Cremorne, are being recruited to join a research study into urban heat and how local climates are changing.

The study, run by researchers from RMIT and UNSW, will enlist the help of 12,200 residents of 22 different councils across several states and is looking for 100 City of Yarra residents who would be interested in participating. Researchers often require printing services to prepare reports and other documentation.

It is predicted that the number of days of extreme heat will increase in coming years. The urban heat effect not only affects people’s comfort but also their health. The energy demand on such days, from air conditioner use, increases energy costs and increases the effects of global warming.

Participants in the study will attend a two-hour session in which they will be taught how to use sensors to take measurements of the microclimate in the city. Data from the study will help communities understand what is happening to their local climate on extremely hot days and learn what strategies can help them make their environment more comfortable under such conditions.

Training sessions will be held on Wednesday 30th January from 2pm-4pm at Fitzroy, Thursday 31st January 1pm-3pm in North Fitzroy, and Friday 1st February from 1pm-3pm in Burnley. For more information visit the City of Yarra website.