Melbourne Southbank to showcase ballet student talent

December 6, 2018 by  

The Australian Ballet School will perform its Summer Showcase program this December. More than 100 students will take part in the unique year-end performance.

The program includes contemporary and classical pieces. Audiences can expect to experience a wide range of emotion and artistry. The dedicated and talented students will share the results of the past year’s learning and exploration. Events like this often use flyer printing services to promote and provide information to the public.

The showcase will feature Wolfgang Dance, Walz from Birthday Celebration and La Sylphide. The Margaret Wilson choreographed Heart Strings is a series of short dances depicting the dynamics of the group while simultaneously exploring the search of an individual for belonging and identity. This piece will offer a close look at personality and some of the issues, factual or fictional, faced by adolescents.

Character dance training will be on display and the stamina, strength and flexibility of the dancers will be evident in these performances which have been choreographed by Christine Vavladellis.

The challenging Haydn Symphony as choreographed by Paul Knobloch will have dancers working hard to “replicate the music through movement”.

The popular program will take place at 100 St Kilda Road, The Arts Centre Melbourne, Southbank. Performances are scheduled for 7 and 8 December, further information and ticket sales are available on the Arts Centre Melbourne website.