Survey reveals consistent job growth

January 7, 2019 by  

The workforce in Chinatown and Sydney’s southern suburbs such as Alexandria has enjoyed a 33% growth since 2007, according to the latest City of Sydney Floor Space and Employment survey.

Popular with government and finance workers, the area joins other key employment centres in the city including Baptist and Crown streets in Surrey Hills, Pyrmont’s Harris Street and Glebe Point Road which all recorded impressive increases in employment growth.

The importance of job growth throughout all areas of Sydney and not just the CBD was stressed by Lord Mayor Clover Moore who said:

“By creating a city where people come first, we’ve seen that jobs and new businesses also follow. The strength of local communities is a key attraction for people choosing where to live, work or visit.”

He said the City of Sydney Council had worked hard during the past 14 years to increase the appeal of working and living in the area by establishing key attractions.

Alexandria residents and others in the south of the city were also benefitting from an upsurge in retail activity within the newly established Green Square, where the survey stated some 254 new outlets had been established in the past decade.

According to the City’s urban analytics manager Steven Hillier, an estimated 112,000 extra jobs have been created in 10 years.

Such growth has also benefitted demand for other services such as printers for supplies such as business cards and associated office supplies.