Kids invited to create self-portraits at interactive display

January 9, 2019 by  

Children from West Melbourne and other suburbs of the city are enjoying the fascination of an interactive art studio at the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV).

The exhibition, entitled Julian Opie: Studio for Kids, represents a unique collaboration between the NGV and Julian Opie, a British artist.

The special NGV Kids exhibition, which sits beside a survey of the artist’s work called ‘Julian Opie’, focuses on the interests of Opie including portraiture and drawing through hands-on and digital activities.

This interactive installation is giving young visitors a chance to create a self-portrait via the use of colour and lines in a similar style to Opie himself.

Just as artists have their works advertised on brochures and other materials provided by print shops as pre-exhibition promotions, the individual creations are able to be shared on social networks or via email.

According to the NGV’s Kate Ryan, large-scale participatory displays for families and children have assisted in attracting in excess of 1.5 million kids to the NGV since 2013. She said the Opie exhibition was both an inspiring and engaging space featuring custom designed interactives and artist’s portraits, adding:

“We hope all young visitors to Studio for Kids take the opportunity to be creative as they draw portraits of themselves and members of their family in the style of the artist.”

The free exhibition and the Opie display will run until February 17.