Council invites residents to share opinions on Queenslander homes

January 16, 2019 by  

Brisbane City Council is set to embark on a plan to safeguard the area’s iconic Queenslander homes and is seeking feedback from the community.

Queenslanders, which date back to the 1840s and are prolific throughout Brisbane suburbs including Woolloongabba, have a distinct style which is still in construction today. Each home comprises a single-storey high-set design which includes a characteristic veranda that circles the home to varying extents but not completely.

According to a Brisbane City Council spokesperson, the council’s vision, which is outlined in the ‘Brisbane’s Future Blueprint’, is to preserve Queenslanders together with other traditional designs, adding:

“Brisbane is a great place to live, work and relax. As Brisbane grows, requiring high-quality and attractive design will mean new development makes good use of space and matches the area in which it’s built.

The spokesperson described the city’s character as important to businesses, investors, visitors and residents and said it provided links to the early years, highlighting the changes that occurred.

The iconic Queenslanders had contributed greatly to the city’s character. Unique plans and buildings that make a city stand out can be an inspiration when designing promotional products to showcase the area.

As the city has changed to meet new technological, environmental and social conditions, there is also a need to maintain a balance that both respects the character of the traditional suburbs, streets and houses that also meets new requirements.

Residents have been invited to share their opinions on the online forum, and can do so until January 31.