Seven questions you should ask your Perth print company

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As luxurious as the lifestyle may be, with its sandy white beaches, quiet parks and stunning wineries, so too is finding a print company in Perth. However, one print company’s services and products could be different to the next one you find.

Asking the right questions before submitting any print work will help to ensure you get the best results for your product. Not only will it provide you with greater knowledge about the options available to you, but it will also help your printer understand all the details of your project and reduce any misinterpretations.

Bearing this in mind, here are seven questions to ask your printer:

1) What stock do you have or recommend?

If you are unsure about what paper stock you may need, this is a good question to ask, as printers will be able to show and recommend to you different types of stock they have available so you can get a good look and feel of the quality.

2) What finishes are available?

There are many different finishes you could use to personalise your product; some examples include matte or gloss finish, laser cutting, varnishing, embossing and laminating. Ask your printer what finishes they have available.

3) What file types do you need?

PDFs are probably the best format for printing, because all the data is embedded in the PDF file and elements are fixed in their positions, so you can be sure that what is shown the screen will be recreated in print. However, printers may also accept other formats, such as psd and AI, so make sure your file types are printable in advance.

4) Do you provide proofs?

It is a good idea to see proofs of your work before you commit to large-scale printouts, just for assurance that the final product will be to your satisfaction. Ask your print company in Perth whether they provide proofs, if there is an additional cost, and when you can expect to see them.

5) What are the bleed requirements?

Bleed is the area in which the printing extends beyond the edges that are trimmed to provide some additional leeway and ensure there are no unprinted areas. Printers may ask for 0.125-inch bleeds, but this can vary, so make sure to double check.

6) Do you make adjustments for creep?

In products with numerous pages, such as books and magazines, the pages on the inside of the folded product will be trimmed smaller than the outside pages. This shift in margins, due to the inner pages pushing out past the cover, is called creep. Ask your printer whether they will adjust for creep and also whether your designs need to allow for it.

7) Can you print with Pantone or convert it to CMYK?

CMYK stands for cyan, magenta, yellow and Key (black) and most printers will use this type of ink. However, there may be cases where customers use the Pantone Matching System (PMS) instead. Some printers may not accept Pantone and others may charge a fee for the conversion to CMYK. If you are working with Pantone, ask the printers whether they can accept it.


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