Banner printing in Melbourne lets people know about your event

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If your Melbourne business is holding an event, or taking part in an exhibition, you will need banners printed.

The Melbourne calendar is packed with events, live music, shows, sports, theatres and exhibitions. With so many activities competing for attention you need bold and well-designed banners at the event venue and to advertise the event at other Melbourne locations.

To make your banners effective, follow a few guidelines:

Consider location

The location of where the banners will be displayed affects the design. If the banner is on the side of the road to target motorists, then it needs just a few words in a large font. Drivers, after all, don’t have time to read lots of text.

If your banner is at a booth in a crowded exhibition, it also needs few words and perhaps an image. It should catch the attention of someone on the other side of the exhibition hall.

A banner in a shopping mall or other place where people congregate can have more details. Large letters can attract people, then more detailed text in smaller letters provides additional information.

A call to action

Your banner needs a call to action. This could be a “book online today” message with a link to an online event booking form. A banner outside the venue should have a call to action to entice people inside.

Research has found that 80% of banners at exhibitions have no call to action. To make your business stand out, call to actions such as, “take a free sample”, “book your free consultation”, or “today only – 20% off every purchase” can be effective.

Social icons

If someone is in a hurry, they may not have time to stop and read your banner. If you are active on social channels such as Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, place their widely recognised icon on the banner. If your brand name is easy to remember, people can visit social media to find out about your business and your event when they have more time.

High-quality images

When sending images to your Melbourne printer for inclusion on your banners, make sure that they are high quality – at least 300dpi resolution. Banners are large, so low-resolution images will look particularly poor.


If you are displaying the banner outside, don’t rely on the Melbourne weather being fine! Ask your printer to print it on vinyl that waterproof ink.

Contrasting colours

Though you can have any colours on a banner, you need to make sure that the background colours contrast with the foreground. Black letters on neutral colour background work, or white text on a black background are fine. If there is not enough contrast between the foreground and background, it will be difficult for people at a distance to make out what the banner is communicating.

Use an expert graphic designer and banner printing by a Melbourne printer who makes sure that your banners are high quality and effective at promoting your event.


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