Banner printing in Melbourne tells your customers about your event

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Banners are a great way to promote your Melbourne events.

There is a wide variety of events happening in Melbourne each month – exhibitions, festivals, music, performing arts, sports, workshop and much more. To get yours noticed, you need well designed and printed banners that stand out from your competitors and encourage people to attend.

Type of banner

Your banner can be printed on card or paper, but if you want it to be displayed outside and survive a Melbourne rainstorm, have it printed on waterproof vinyl.

Banners can be the long portrait or wide landscape ratio. Which one you use depends on where it is being displayed. Wide banners usually look better when displayed at a height. Self-standing portrait banners that fold away neatly after use are great for company banners that you intend to use at several events. They roll up into a small container that can easily be carried by hand to a new location.

The message

It is tempting to put as much information as you can onto your banner, but this can make the banner look crowded and messy. To put as much information as possible you may make the text so small it will not be readable at a distance. Don’t be afraid to use spaces. A simple slogan surrounded by white space can be very effective.

A few words in large bold font will make an impact. Provide enough words to simply convey what the event is, when it is and where it is located.

If you want readers to obtain more information, add a webpage or social media link. If someone is curious they will look up the details on their smartphone.

A call to action is a good idea; persuade people to book for the event online, call you or purchase your goods and services.


Banner printing in Melbourne by a quality print service can feature bold and vivid colours. The right use of colours can make your banner stand out from the background. Consider where it is being placed and this could influence your use of colour. If it’s placed on a wall, the banner colour should contrast with the wall colour.

Use professionals

If you use images that are not produced by a professional, they may look poor when enlarged and printed on the banner. It is worth hiring a professional photographer to create unique images for your banner. These should be in a high resolution.

Unless you are an expert graphic designer, use a professional who is an expert at banner design. Your Melbourne print shop will either have an in-house designer or recommend one to you.


Unless the location where your banner is to be displayed restricts the size, the bigger the better when it comes to banner size. Your Melbourne printer will have the equipment to print large format banners.

Banner printing in Melbourne can get your event noticed. Good banner design can encourage people to attend your event.


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