Top tips for business card printing in Perth

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Perth is a great place to do business, with a number of initiatives designed to help companies, including support programs, business events and unique opportunities for networking. CityWatch, CitySwitch and the Waterwise programme are examples of City of Perth schemes available to assist local businesses.

This helping hand can be built upon with well-designed, professionally printed business cards allowing you make the most of networking events and leave a lasting impression on the recipient. In Perth, business card printing can be achieved using vivid colour, custom shapes, quality card stock and graphic design expertise.

Consistency and impact through colour

The use of high-quality digital printing techniques will create vivid, consistent colours. If there is already a colour or several colours associated with your brand, your printer will work with you to ensure an exact colour match when printing your business cards.

The colour of your card should complement your brand and ensure maximum impact. A bold colour will stand out, but it may affect the readability of the content. An experienced graphic designer will work with you to produce a business card design that creates an impact, yet remains consistent with your brand.

Customised shapes to suit your business

A typical business card is 90mm x 55mm, and while this is the most commonly used size and shape, it is possible to create something fresh and unique. Custom die-cut options are available. Your business card could be produced in a shape that represents your logo or in the shape of the product you are selling. For example, a dentist might choose to have a bite mark in their card, as could a baker or chef. A business that sells balls or a basketball coach might choose a circular card. If you are using the business card as part of a package you may want to consider a customised size or shape that fits into a marketing brochure or package.

Create a lasting impression with quality

If you have ever been handed a flimsy paper business card, you will know how important quality is. The quality of your business card is linked in the recipients’ mind to the quality of your business. Your business card printing company in Perth will have a range of card stock available. In addition to the use of quality card stock, some businesses use raised print on their business cards, as it is a tactile element that can help provide a sense of quality and substance.

Customise your content

Business cards can be a simple means of passing contact information, and they can also be used to promote products and record appointment times. Your printer will work with you to determine exactly what information to include and the best way to set it out. Once you have your overall design finalised, your printer will work with you to customise cards for all the individuals and products necessary. The cards can be printed quickly and in whatever quantity you require.

Business card printing in Perth is easy when you understand your options, and your local print company will help you create a quality, customised, aesthetically pleasing business card that will have a lasting impact on the recipient.


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