Put stationery printers in Perth among your key business partners

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Perth businesses have many business partners, including their suppliers, subcontractors and accountants. Stationery printers in Perth should be among the list of key partner as they produce the business stationery that helps raise brand awareness.

Paper thrives!

There are many digital agencies in Perth that can help get your company website to the top of Google or increase brand awareness through social media. Despite the unquestionable rise of digital media, paper continues to be relevant and the two are not mutually exclusive. Most Perth businesses combine digital marketing with print media such as leaflets, brochures, posters and catalogues. They post letters, invoices, forms and other printed stationery. With some studies showing that Perth experiences slower internet than most of Australia, it’s sensible to look beyond the cyber-world for ways to connect with people.

Brand style

A brand needs a style that defines its logo, colours, and font styles. This style is used across all media, including business stationery – letterheads, envelopes, business cards, forms and so on. Your business stationery is an essential component of your marketing, Often, the first impression someone gets of your business is the envelope containing direct mail that arrives in the morning. Other people first get to know your company when you meet them and hand out a business card.


The brand style can include a slogan or catchphrase that says something about your business and the values it stands for. For example, General Electric has the catchphrase ‘we bring good things to life’ and British Airways has ‘to fly, to serve’. Catchphrases are short but have an impact and should be included on all business stationery.

Establishing your experience

If your business has been operating for a while, make sure that the year of establishment is included on your business stationery. This will show that you have experience and credibility. Many startup businesses fail within two years, so if your business has been going for three years or more, your clients are assured that you intend to be doing business for a long time.

Show your certificates

Many people are suspicious about businesses, especially ones trading in areas that have had bad media attention. There are many examples of poor customer service from businesses such as car sellers, electricians, plumbers and financial organisations. This is why trade associations are formed to maintain standards, and Standards Australia coordinates ISO standards across many industries. If your business is a member of a trade association or has an ISO standards certificate, make sure that the relevant logos are included on all business stationery.

Quality is important

You may be tempted to save money on stationery by designing it yourself and seeking the lowest quote from printers, but remember that stationery communicates the values of your business. Stationery that is poorly designed and printed on thin cheap paper says to your clients that you are an organisation that does not care about quality and how things look.

Hire a top graphic designer and use a printer with up-to-date printing technology that uses premium quality thick paper and card.

Stationery printers in Perth are experienced in producing premium quality business stationery, so partner with one to help your business grow.


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