A million paws to walk through Rockingham for RSPCA

May 15, 2017 by  

The countdown to the RSPCA’s biggest annual fundraiser, the Million Paws Walk, has already begun.

Dog owners are getting outdoors with their canines, walking 250,000 steps – the equivalent of 1 million paws – along designated walking paths, to raise funds and awareness for dogs without owners.

This year, which is the event’s 21st anniversary, sees a different challenge issued. For the past month, dog owners have been setting up online fundraising pages, or using printed business forms, to encourage sponsorship from their families and friends. Many walkers have already raised large amounts.

The original fundraising idea was born in Brisbane in 1994, and has spread across Australia in the last two decades. The event not only gives owners the chance to bond with their dogs, but the daily walking also promotes exercise and higher levels of fitness in the owners themselves.

The fundraising drive will culminate in a nationwide event on Sunday, May 21 in Rockingham and other parts of Australia. In addition to individual sponsorship, funds will be generated on that day through food stalls, sale of merchandise, and demonstrations by RSPCA staff at the various venues. Local print shops will provide signs and banners.

The Rockingham event will take place at Naval Memorial Park on Rockingham Beach Road, with simultaneous walks in other parks around Perth.