Affordable housing likely near Gladesville

May 3, 2018 by  

Changes to planning regulations could lead to the construction of more housing near Gladesville.

Statewide planning legislation has been altered recently, meaning that development processes will not take as long as they once did. The hope is that more medium-density housing will be built in a timely manner. Brochure printing could receive a boost if the sector responds to the regulatory adjustment.

Council rules relating to the minimum width for the frontages of duplexes have been altered, and Sydney homeowners could be tempted to sell small properties to ambitious developers. The suburb of Ryde used to have strict rules in this area but this will no longer be the case, which could have an influence on the economy of Gladesville. Planning consultant Max Fragar explained the logic behind the new policy:

“This starts to bring some common sense into some councils’ position that they won’t depart from their old minimum lot size or frontage standards.”

Fragar thinks that the old way of conducting matters was not working as well as it should have, and argues that it is important for housing policy to address issues like supply, choice and cost.

A block of property compatible with duplex development commands a premium in the market. This premium regularly changes in value – it can amount to over 25%, but can also sometimes be lower than 15%.