Affordable housing on the agenda in Penrith

June 6, 2018 by  

The Penrith Affordable Housing Forum (PAHF) recently discussed future housing policy.

The PAHF allowed a wide variety of people to air their views. Community members and academics rubbed shoulders with local politicians. Cooperation between the Sydney Alliance, Penrith Uniting Church (PUC) and the Social Justice Forum made the forum possible. Poster printing can add colour to events of all types.

Academic Tim Williams was the keynote speaker at the recent forum. Dr. Williams is based in Western Sydney University (WSU), and is also a leading figure within the Arup think tank. He would like to see housing policy less reliant on market mechanisms, and said:

“The assumption in Australia is that the market can do everything…which is completely undermined by the experience. I think we need to incentivise new models. For all the money we are spending on stadiums, we could repair every public house.”

Dr. Williams thinks that there should no stigma attached to living in public housing. Affordable housing which is situated close to employment opportunities may be delivered via government intervention. Dr. Williams would like to see the development of more effective collaboration between the public and private sector in the future.

John Thain is a mayor within Penrith. He wants research connected with the Sydney Alliance to have an influence on local housing policy.