Aim to launch art careers for youth through Tiny Doors project

June 13, 2018 by  

Creative professionals and aspiring young artists from Brookvale and throughout the Northern Beaches Council area will be combining their talents for a special public art project.

The ambitious `Tiny Doors’ project, which was launched recently by council, is to feature the creation of a series of unique art pieces in miniature form that are styled as tiny portals and doorways.

The unusual works will then be featured in Northern Beaches’ public spaces for all to see.

According to a council spokesman, the idea was the role of ‘doorways’ in boos, such as Lord of the Rings or C. S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia.

Young people, aged 12-24 years, from the area will both design and execute the artworks under the guidance and watchful eye of career professionals.

This is to include highly experienced artists who answered the call by council for professionals to take part and assist in launching the artistic and creative careers of local youth.

Successful applicants will work with small groups or pairs of aspiring young artists to bring the `Tiny Doors’ project to life and also to promote it within the community via online and printing services.

The spokesman said:

“The `Tiny Doors’ project is an exciting public art project both for budding young artists and for professional artists with a commitment to fostering the ingenuity and creativity of young people and to developing community art.”