Alice Cooper celebrates 40th anniversary in Perth

October 12, 2017 by  

A full four decades after his first tour to Australia, legendary American rock and roller Alice Cooper is to start his latest Australian tour at the Perth Arena with a concert entitled ‘Spend the Night with Alice Cooper’.

Cooper is credited with bringing shock and horror to rock and roll, due to the devices used on stage in his live shows since 1968. Originally a four-piece band, the name of Alice Cooper was the name adopted by the whole band, when they realised that they needed a gimmick to outstrip other bands. The image created by the innocuous sounding name was in humorous contrast to the band’s often outrageous theatrical stage act.

Born in 1948 as Vincent Damon Furnier, Cooper claims that the name change to Alice Cooper was the smartest move he ever made. Anyone today who is inspired to start a rock band or change their name could make use of local printing services for business cards, perhaps with an eye-catching new logo design.

‘Spend the Night with Alice Cooper’ will also feature guest artist Ace Frehley, better known as Spaceman from KISS. The concert is on Tuesday, October 17, at 7:00 pm in the Perth Arena, 700 Wellington Street. Booking is through the Perth Arena website, although currently only VIP packages are available with other tickets sold out.