Arnold Schwarzenegger motivates Perth

July 1, 2013 by  

Hollywood star and former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has visited the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre on the first leg of his Australian tour. VIP guests, each paying $995, lined up to have their photo taken with the actor before his motivational speech.

Schwarzenegger said:

“They wanted to stand next to me to make sure they were bigger – they were widening their shoulders and inhaling. They almost exploded.”

The actor joked with patrons, informing them that the key to success is having huge biceps and the ability to kill predators without using weapons. He went on to give more constructive advice, focusing on the value of hard work and the ability to deflect negativity.

He also insisted on the value of utilising every hour of the day, suggesting people should “sleep faster” in order to cram eight hours sleep into six hours. He ended his speech with his signature line, “I’ll be back”.

After the show, he was joined by more than a dozen patrons who paid over $10,000 to eat with the star. Unfortunately, some were less than impressed when the Austrian icon left the event before the second course was served. According to one guest:

“His speech was brilliant, and he actually sat down to have dinner but he was scooped up and taken away. Dinner hadn’t even come out.”

The Perth visit will be followed by talks in Sydney and Melbourne. Australians fortunate enough to have their photo taken with the star can create a valued keepsake by utilising expert print company techniques for display and preservation.