Art Collection on the move while gallery renovated

February 21, 2018 by  

Maroochydore library is hosting one of the Sunshine Coast Art Collection works until renovations are complete at the Caloundra Regional Gallery.

Michael Cook’s ‘Stickman 2010’ is on show at the library, providing a rare opportunity for residents to view it, until the Caloundra gallery’s new workshop and public programme space, The Artroom, opens in March.

Gallery curator Hamish Sawyer is excited about the new dedicated programme space, saying:

“The fantastic new multi-purpose, indoor-outdoor space will increase our capacity and allow us to offer a wider variety of programmes, events and workshops.”

The public programmes, he added, were an excellent way to engage people:

“With any gallery exhibition, public programmes such as artists talks and creative workshops, are a great way to explore the inspiration behind the artist’s work and give workshop participants the opportunity to develop new skills.”

Sawyer said having the new programme space at the Caloundra Gallery will boost the amount of programmes on offer.

The inclusion of a reception desk, he added, will create more retail space for locally produced artisan products available in the Store. There will also be a dedicated space to store artwork, including works on loan and pieces from the Sunshine Coast Art Collection.

The Caloundra Gallery is expected to be closed until March 7 but art lovers are urged to check out a new exhibition at the Maroochydore Library Artspace entitled `Technography’ by Cherylynne Bullen which, featured on brochure printing, can be viewed until February 24.