Artists commissioned to brighten up city’s public spaces

April 1, 2017 by  

A move by the City of Stirling to brighten up areas including Carine and Print company in Balcatta printing services Balcatta has provided an ideal opportunity for local artists to add creative public artwork to their resumes.

Former art teacher Kerise Delcoure is the latest artist to be commissioned by Council to create a new mural at the highly visible Carine Open Space.

She said the mural project was her first assignment out on her own and she found working in full view of the public a very different experience, especially as many people approached her for a chat as she was creating her masterpiece.

Ms. Delcoure’s artwork is themed around a rainbow bee-eater bird, a species that migrates annually to the local parklands and is often featured in booklet printing on local birdlife.

She said the community space is a beautiful place that is shared by the local community, sporting groups and the birds.

The wall to host Ms. Delcoure’s art was often the target of graffiti but she believes public art represented a way to prevent vandalism and tagging.

She said it is a great strategy to place a commission artwork on the wall.

Simone Holmes-Cavanagh, the City’s acting customer, communications and activation manager, said there were a number of works commissioned.

Ms. Delcoure’s art, she said, was selected for the Carine Open Space because it reflected the significance of the area’s wetland and wildlife.