Artist’s work with nature the focus of exhibition

February 22, 2018 by  

The inspirational works of Ruth Jackson, a botanical illustrator, are on show at the Maroondah Access Gallery.

`Drawn from the Collection Maroondah’s Bushland Treasures’ represents the largest exhibition of Jackson’s works ever mounted, and includes artworks that were acquired by private collectors, Maroondah City Council Art Collection and the State Botanical Collection.

Jackson is a local artist who has helped people gain interest in the native plant life of Croydon and throughout the Maroondah district, prompting viewers of her artwork to consider the way we understand, view and encounter nature.

For the past 20 years, Jackson has been an environmental activist and during that time has realised a real need for an identification resource that is reliable.

She plans to address this by using printing services to publish a book that will provide a full guide to indigenous flora in the region.

In the meantime, the artist, who is vision impaired and legally blind, has built up an intimate knowledge of Maroondah’s bushland, which contains many threatened and rare plant species she keen to help protect.

The exhibition, according to Maroondah Council’s website, will provide:

“…the opportunity to view up close the painstaking detail of orchids, wildflowers, shrubs, trees, fungi, birds and butterflies indigenous to the Maroondah area.”

The public are also invited to enjoy afternoon tea with Ruth Jackson along with Croydon Conservation Society president Liz Sanzaro on the final day of the exhibition on March 9, from 3:00 pm.