Asian and Australian heritage features in exhibition

October 30, 2016 by  

Darra residents are being provided with an opportunity to see a unique exhibition that seeks to illustrate the changing nature of Asia’s eastern areas.

The Museum of Brisbane is hosting the exhibition entitled Ink Remix: Contemporary Art from Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Using different media, participating artists have reinterpreted traditional ink art incorporating everything from animation to everyday stationery and boots.

Exhibition catalogues list a signature piece by Taiwan’s Yao Jui-Chung 'Journey to Australia', which incorporates Australian icons into beautiful Chinese-inspired landscapes.

Museum Curator Dr Sophie McIntyre said the Gold Coast skyline, Uluru, the Opera House and the Great Barrier Reef are all featured in the artwork that was undertaken using a biro.

She said the exhibition, which is on show at the museum until February 19 next year, illustrates how these talented artists from Asia can sample an early era’s imagery and make it more contemporary.

The artists, she said, are very innovative.

Dr McIntyre said contributing artists were from the era following the 1960s and each is investigating the ideas surrounding the ink tradition and how the technique has evolved.

The exhibition was welcomed by the museum, she said, due to the city’s growing Chinese community. It also hosts one of Australia’s largest Taiwanese communities.

The Curator said that while many touring Asian shows lacked input from female artists, she pushed to have them included in the Remix exhibition.