Squeeze your marketing budget with banner printing

Anybody involved in running a business is aware that exploiting marketing methods that produce great results and stay within budget is something of a holy grail. It may seem impossible to some, but in fact, it is achievable. Although many new businesses rush to promote themselves online, more traditional methods, such as banner printing, can be equally as effective.

There are many print shops vying for your custom. On one hand, it means that you have the luxury of choice, but on the other, it can be initially daunting to sort the good print shops from the not-so-good ones. When setting out to do so, there are a few essential things to keep in mind

The most obvious is the quality of printing on offer. A banner should be clear – it’s designed to be seen from a distance, after all. Colours should be vibrant, edges should be sharp, and the banner itself should be hardwearing and resistant to the elements.

Second is the amount of experience the print shop has. Sure, they may be able to print a fancy looking banner, but are they able to assist you in its design? Veteran printers will have developed an eye for what works on a banner and what doesn’t. You may have something in mind for your banner, but if your printer thinks that there is a better way of realising your banner, he will respectfully suggest it to you.

Finally, is your printer financially viable? Even though you may need to spend a few more bucks for a quality product, your budget is the bottom line, and you should do all you can to stick to it.

If you’re looking to maximise your marketingwith banner printing, speak to us at Minuteman Press. We have print shops across Australia, and our experienced, friendly staff use cutting edge printing technology to get excellent results, whatever your budget.