Bayswater station upgrade may boost East Perth

April 17, 2018 by  

The transformation of Bayswater train station could spur the economic development of East Perth.

Several million dollars have been allocated to the envisaged upgrade of Bayswater station, and demand for business card printing in the region near East Perth could increase if the transport infrastructure is improved. The community is being consulted in relation to the plans which have been made. Rita Saffioti, the minister for transport, told PerthNow:

“This is a huge step for Bayswater, which will see vast improvements to its town centre as a result of this upgrade. The upgrade of Bayswater station should have been incorporated in the new Forrestfield rail project.”

It is possible that the work on the station will be finished within a period of three years. The government is providing some extra resources for the railways in the region.

The Bayswater initiative will get in excess of $86m. Such a sum has not been invested in the station since it started to accommodate trains in 1896. A fresh public space will be created in the vicinity of the station.

Bayswater station should serve as a junction on the Ellenbrook line. Saffioti revealed that the Ellenbrook construction work could begin during the course of next year. However, the business case for this scheme has not been completed so far. Infrastructure Australia has an important role to play in the city region.