Bike stations trial underway in Canning

August 4, 2017 by  

The introduction of two trial bike stations could be the first step towards providing the space age facilities throughout the City of Canning.

Easily accessible to residents from Welshpool, Cannington, Riverton and surrounding areas, the Bike Stations have been described by Mayor Paul Ng as

a great initiative.

“It is really innovative and it connects people with a more active and sustainable lifestyle,”

he said.

The Mayor added that riding a bike is considered among the best ways to travel and it connects people with their surroundings in a much more personal way than can be experienced isolated inside a vehicle.

In addition, he said, cyclists can avoid congestion and traffic.

Signs are already up at the first two bicycle stations to have been introduced at the Riverton and Cannington Leisureplexes with a third expected to be installed in October at the Kent Street Weir.

“We have installed the first two stations as a trial to find out how well they are used. If these are successful then we will look at installing more in the future. The stations integrate with our Walking and Cycling plan.”

said Mayor Ng.

Each bike station is equipped with a gauge, foot pump and tools to enable people to maintain, apply basic repairs and fix punctures on their bikes at any time.

The Mayor said the City was also looking into other high-tech initiatives of a sustainable nature for access by the community.