Boost in CCTV cameras to help improve safety on Chapel Street

March 8, 2015 by  

Residents of Prahran, Victoria, who shop in the City of Stonnington’s central business district can feel a little safer with the knowledge the CCTV camera coverage on Chapel Street has been revamped.

The council has introduced extra cameras into the busy area in an effort to improve the safety of community members.

As part of the safety upgrade, more cameras have been installed in strategic spots along the strip that has developed into a popular location for late-night entertainment enthusiasts and shoppers.

A joint project between the council and the state government, the CCTV camera upgrade and expansion is being implemented at a cost of $430,000.

The initiative’s aim was to improve public safety along Chapel Street, within the Stonnington shopping precinct and in other nearby precincts. The program will extend from Windsor to South Yarra.

Expansion of the CCTV system in Toorak Village has also been planned at a further cost of $100,000, which will be funded by authorities in the City of Stonnington.

The cameras provide local police with the ability to monitor wirelessly transmitted footage during peak periods and busy events.

Marketing activities such as flyer printing often ensure a big turnout to local events, and the council hopes the new CCTV cameras will assist police in keeping a close eye on crowd behaviour.