Boost in medical facilities given green light

November 2, 2017 by  

A medical precinct, similar to the one in Dandenong, is being developed following a recent decision by Greater Dandenong Council to establish a new medical centre.

Councillor Sean O’Reilly said there is high demand for medical services in the Springvale area:

“We’re actually starting to see in Springvale a medical precinct develop along the lines of David Street in Dandenong, which is needed.”

The development application, approved recently by Council, involves the construction of a four-storey building in St. John’s Avenue.

Included in the proposal’s graphic design are a 21-space car park on the ground floor and a two-bedroom apartment on level 3.

Up to six people could provide health services at any one time from the medical centre which would operate Monday to Sunday, 8am to 10pm, according to the councillor.

When debating the application, Councillor Matthew Kirwan described the residential dwelling as being “out of place”.

However Jody Bosman, City Planning, Design and Amenity Director, disagreed claiming the development was close to the Springvale activity centre which is located within the residential growth zone.

It was also near to a number of other medical services.

The application, he said, would be of great benefit to the community due to the area’s public transport accessibility and in light of the ongoing population growth.

Cr O’Reilly agreed, saying the facility will assist a high demand for the services in Springvale and surrounds.