Boost in public open space for Southbank

July 18, 2017 by  

A video and artist’s impressions of a $35mproject to establish fresh areas for open space in South Melbourne’s Southbank area has been unveiled.

The plans, according to Lord Mayor Robert Doyle AC, will see new open space for the public created on a 2.5-hectare area on Dodds Street and Southbank Boulevard.

He said the project is associated with the Eco City World Summit 2017.

The Lord Mayor said governments throughout the world are undertaking similar projects to transform underutilised car parks and roads into green space. He said:

“The new public open spaces and neighbourhood parks we’re creating in Southbank will improve public amenity for the 20,000 residents and 50,000 office workers in the city’s most densely populated suburb.

“The new public space planned for the front of the ABC alone would be roughly the same size as the City Square.”

He added that Dodds Street is to become a space designed for public entertainment and farmers’ markets, with the Victorian College of the Arts are also likely to host music festivals.

The Lord Mayor said the Draft Concept Plan involves a number of key actions, including three stages for construction that will culminate with its completion is 2020.

New signs will be erected for part of the works, which also involve the creation of 1.05km of dedicated bicycle lanes in an area that currently carries 13,000 vehicles daily.