Braeside School's Writer's Conference Teaches Fourth and Fifth Graders About Print

June 7, 2011 by  

Primary school students in the fourth and fifth grades at Highland Park can learn about the world of writing, communication, print companies and media at the Braeside School's Writer's Conference. The annual conference is run by Jessica Lorber, who connects the students with writers from the area including teachers, authors, editors and journalists.

Brenda Ferber was the guest speaker at the event this year, and she described all the steps involved in writing a book with an interesting format that grabbed the students’ attention. The job of the guest writers at the event was to work with a small group of students to teach and support them with their skills in creative writing. The students submitted a paper before the event which is given to the writers. After reading all of the student papers, the writers are then able to provide constructive criticism to the students to help them improve their work. Then they meet all of the students in small groups during the conference and engage in a Q&A session.

Brenda Ferber, the guest speaker at the conference, has some good advice for kids on writing and print on her website. She said her interest in writing began at the age of 10 when she was given a diary by her aunt.

Her top advice for kids is to write in a journal as frequently as possible. Recording their deepest feelings, thoughts and opinions will teach them about themselves and the world around them in a special way. She also advises them to read as much as possible, and to read a wide variety of genres.

She tells them to take advantage of the several opportunities available for them to write and share their written works, such as their poems and stories. This includes writing at school, but she also suggests finding a group of friends who all love to write and forming a critique group. They could even try getting their works published in a book or magazine.