Brewery in Mona Vale participates in GABS festival

May 22, 2017 by  

Modus Operandi, a brewery within Mona Vale, is showcasing its ale at the GABS festival.

The brewers have recently produced a dark ale. Modus Operandi could choose to use luxury business cards from Mona Vale when it is engaged promoting new beers like this.

The GABS event, which got underway on Friday and takes in both Sydney and Melbourne, promotes food and cider as well as beer. Grant Wearin, the co-founder of Modus Operandi, described the new ale his business has created for the Daily Telegraph, saying:

“It is big with a slight roast character from the dark malts, but on the nose you get deep almost dark fruit characteristics coming through.”

The firm has called this concoction Cascadian Howl. It is not a typical ale in terms of its hue, and has been made by sourcing hops from suppliers in the United States. Wearin has used the word “barbarian” when discussing the attributes of the drink. Selected shops will sell Cascadian Howl from the middle of June onwards.

The enterprise has a track record of manufacturing unusual beers. Some time ago, it produced a strong beer named L90, and last year, the brewers came up with a strange beverage that employed very hot chilis to make a distinctive impact. The divisive drink, a stout composed out of oatmeal, allegedly included some of the most powerful chilis in the world.