Brisbane celebrates record-breaking year for tourism

March 22, 2017 by  

Key Brisbane venues, including Suncorp Stadium at Milton, are helping to attract more visitors to the Queensland capital.

Newly released Tourism Australia figures have revealed glowing signs for Brisbane’s tourism industry, which attracted an increase of 50,000 international visitors, pushing the annual total to a record 1.149 million people, who spent in excess of $2bn last year.

Lord Mayor Graham Quirk said tourism numbers are at record levels due to a boost in the supply of quality hotels, an impressive array of world-class events listed on tourist brochures, and Brisbane’s escalating international profile.

Since 2012, he said, international visitor numbers had increased by 25%, demonstrating that the city’s international reputation had increased substantially since it was showcased to the world during the G20 World Leaders Summit in 2014.

Since then, there has been a huge growth in the number of hotel rooms available to meet a burgeoning demand from the conference and events industries. The increase introduced 4,200 new rooms and 17 new hotels, as well as another 10 currently under construction.

Latest tourism results, according to Cr. Quirk, show increased visitor numbers across the board, with the number of Chinese visitors rising by 18.6%, Korea 34%, Canada 16.8%, USA 16.5% and Japan 14.2%.

Cr. Quirk plans to bring 200 tourism operators in Brisbane together for a Brisbane New World City Tourism Summit to identify and discuss opportunities that will help harness both domestic and international visitors.