Brisbane City could rebuild Ballymore

March 1, 2018 by  

Ballymore Stadium could be transformed by Brisbane City with support from Rugby Australia.

The current situation is not ideal for Brisbane City as it looks to expand, as the present capacity of the ground is only 18,000. A stadium upgrade could generate extra income and produce additional enthusiasm for the club. Poster printing in the area might get a boost if Ballymore Stadium is given a fresh boutique style.

Brisbane City chair Robert Cavalucci has stated:

“We've got a history of playing games there, it's part of our natural home on the north side of Brisbane, it sits right in the middle of our six hectares of playing fields. Brisbane City is absolutely committed to supporting the QRU and the business case for delivering a boutique rectangular stadium supported by a dedicated high performance centre for multiple codes – rugby and football.”

Cavalucci has stressed that it is important to remember the sporting glories of the past. If Brisbane City do well in the future, fans from suburbs like Milton are more likely to flock to the ground.

Leaving Ballymore as it is might not be the best option because its depreciation and maintenance is reportedly costing $1m on an annual basis. In addition, the Football Federation Australia (FFA) wants positive change because of its own aspirations. The hope is that a new stadium could enhance the prospects of the Australian bid to host the Women’s World Cup in 2023.