Brisbane legal firm offers internship scheme

April 24, 2017 by  

Shimizu Kokusai Law Office (SKLO) is providing an internship initiative to students in Queensland.

SKLO is now delivering internships for students who want opportunities outside the largest legal firms. A pilot has already been launched, and the Brisbane-based experience will not be restricted to one area of law. Participants in the scheme will no doubt find a use for premium business cards from Milton.

Paul Catchlove, an officer at SKLO, told Lawyers Weekly:

“I know from my own experiences as a student that there are limited opportunities for students to obtain valuable work experience, and we are keen at Shimizu Kokusai to make this program a major part of the firm’s fabric.”

The idea is that the people who take up the opportunity will be in a great position to obtain a full-time job in the sector. There is also the expectation that some individuals will progress to work for SKLO.

The current pilot involves four participants. These pioneering students are engaged in learning at the Queensland University of Technology and the University of Queensland. SKLO is keen to address the requirements of clients who need multilingual legal services.

The real challenges that students of the law have to face is attracting attention these days. The Law Student Tracking Survey (LSTS) has just been created by the Law Society of NSW, which will examine the employment experiences of those who graduate in law.